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City Tourist Tax – Travel Tuesday with Vale Radio

Every Tuesday morning David Carruthers from Conexo Travel joins Chris and Jayne on Vale Radio’s breakfast show to chat about everything travel.

Palma Cathedral, Mallorca
Palma in Mallorca, new tourist tax from 1 July 2016

This week the topic was European City Tourist taxes which many people are unaware of and can result in nasty surprises at the end of your holiday. Our discussion was prompted by Chris, who is heading off to Ibiza this summer, after he received an email from the hotel to advise that the Balearics will be introducing a city tax on 1 July 2016. The new Balearics tourist tax, which is collected by the hotels who in turn pay their local authority, will result in tourists paying up to €2 per adult per night – dependent on the standard of accommodation.

Aerial shot of Amsterdam
In AMsterdam expect to pay 5% tourist tax.

Of course this is going to affect cash-strapped families visiting one of Europe’s most popular sunshine destination, but it is not a new tax. Already widespread in Italy, France and The Netherlands, local tourist taxes have been introduced by regional tourism authorities but they differ from place to place.

Arc de Triomphe Paris
Paris has plans to charge up to €8 per adult per night.

In Paris, one of the most popular destinations in the world you can expect to pay €0.20 – €1.50 per person but there have been suggestions this may increase to as much as €8 in the future. Amsterdam on the other hand charges 5% of your hotel stay so again, stay in a more expensive hotel and your Amsterdam city tourist tax will rise accordingly.

In Italy, Rome hotels charge up to €7 per adult per night whilst Venice has a maximum of €5 in a 5* hotel.

Most of these tourist taxes apply to adults, children are often exempt but do check and do also establish what the maximum age for a child is in such cases.

Sadly for Chris and his family they will have to pay the new Balearics tourism tax. It is here to stay and it is inevitably going to become widespread throughout Europe. Because it is collected by the hotel it is not something which can ordinarily be included in the cost of your holiday by your tour operator.

As has often been said “the only certainty in life is death and taxes”, and now we have a new tax to deal with!

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