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10 Instagram Reasons To Visit Amsterdam

This week Emma is heading off to Amsterdam for the day as a guest of KLM Dutch Airlines and Leeds Bradfrod International Airport. It will be an early start for her and a late arrival back into Leeds Bradford. In between she will be seeing what goes on airside in both airports as well as enjoying lunch and some free time in Amsterdam. So we thought it would be a good idea to dip into Instagram and pick out the flavour of Amsterdam in 10 Instagram posts of Amsterdam experiences.

In no particular order, we have chosen a cross-section of Amsterdam life. And as we hit Spring we have to mention tulips and last week saw the opening of Keukenhof’s gardens for 2019. The images below include the fields of tulips and another one of a glass of Heineken in the form of tulips – you may prefer the Heineken Experience which gives a tour of the brewery and ends with a complementary glass of Heineken.

Food has its own style in Amsterdam, and we have to mention pancakes whilst covering this topic. The Happy Pig Pancake shop can be found in Centrum and has a great reputation for amazing pancakes built to your specification. You can even go savoury and add cheese if you wish or just head to one of the many mouth-watering shops selling Oude Amsterdam Cheeses.

As you wander around Amsterdam, there are some spectacular photo opportunities such as the Seven Bridges and The Red Light District – don’t take pictures of the ladies however!

Transport in Amsterdam is legendary with more bicycles than people as well as the iconic trams which provide clean and efficient means to move around the city.

Finally, we mustn’t forget Amsterdam’s world class museums and attractions such as the Rijksmuseum.

Emma won’t have time to cover all of these but keep an eye out to see how her day in Amsterdam goes this Wednesday.

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