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Budapest is Cheapest for Festive City Break

Are you thinking about visiting a European city this festive season? Traditional European Christmas market breaks become more popular each year, and to coincide with the 2013 festive period, the Post Office have just released their latest survey identifying the cities offering best value for a city break.


Top of the list this year are Budapest (Hungary) and Riga (Latvia) which are seen as offering great value for money for those seeking a festive European city break. The survey considers accommodation, snacks, eating out and local transport costs. Getting to these cities is also good value with some excellent packages available with a great range of hotels waiting to welcome you. You can check our great value Budapest City breaks for some further ideas and inspiration.

Riga Christmas Market

Within the Eurozone, Lille (France) and Brussels (Belgium) came up with the best value European festive city breaks and as both can be reached by Eurostar they are good choice for those who need to consider luggage allowances which can attract high additional costs when flying.

If you wish to read the complete report from the Post Office its available online by clicking his link.

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