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Does Taking Photographs Spoil The Travel Experience?

I can’t help but notice on my travels that many people are so eager to snap a particular tourist attraction or event, that they themselves forget to enjoy the experience for what it is.

Some time ago I saw a spectacular shot taken during the Palio in Siena. The image depicted a sharp turn as the horses in the race rounded an acutely angled bend, but my overriding memory was not of the horses, but the countless numbers of spectators shooting the action on their cameras. How can they possibly be enjoying the spectacle of the Palio – they seem more concerned with having a photographic memory of the experience rather than let the whole event get under their skin.

This seems to be a problem in modern travel, people have a list of things to tick off on their bucket list and it becomes an exercise in travel snobbery – “we have been to this art gallery, and we have swum with dolphins in this aquarium” etc. But do these travellers really experience travel and immerse themselves in their destination? Do they integrate into the places they visit and mix with locals and understand their culture or are they just merely ticking a box to keep up with the Joneses?

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