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How difficult is it to get a chilled glass of white wine in an English pub?

A pint of beer for the men and a glass of wine or fruit based drink for the lady, that’s according to Al Murray the pub landlord and that’s not too much to ask is it?

Well it seems to be too much to ask for a nicely chilled glass of white wine!

On a recent holiday in the UK, it was a hard task to get a cold glass of wine, tried several pubs and even the hotel we were staying in and not one of them could produce this rare treat! We even went out to a restaurant one night and still couldn’t get a chilled glass of wine.

If we are to encourage travellers to holiday in the UK, as per the Government funded recent advertising campaign fronted by Stephen Fry and Julie Walters, then more attention should be paid to the things that make or break your evening, whether its a drink in the local bar or a meal in your local restaurant.

It doesn’t seem to matter what part of the country you are in, so many pubs and wine bars (not that I’ve been in them all you understand) just don’t seem to be able to keep their white wine chilled to the right temperature.

White wine should be chilled, to the point of condensation on the glass chilled, but so many times I am left trying to drink a glass of white wine that I have to put ice cubes in to get it anywhere near the right temperature, this just isn’t right, I want to enjoy the taste of my wine, not see it getting watered down to nothing.

Take it back to the bar I hear you say, well you can try that but they will just tell you its been chilled and all their wines are at the same temperature, while this maybe true, how long has it been chilled for? I understand it may be difficult to replenish bottles of wine and for them all to be chilled to perfection, but well i’m sorry but it can and should be done! The average price of a glass of wine in the UK is about £4-£5 (more in some places), if you don’t enjoy it then its a complete waste of money, and as in my case you may end up having to choose something else when you really wanted wine.

So all you pub landlords and managers out there, take note, give the ladies what they want, a very nicely chilled white wine, thank you!

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