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London Bicycle Hire

Boris Johnson does have some madcap ideas and when he first muted the idea of London bicycle hire he attracted further scorn from some critics. However, the success of the London bicycle hire scheme he introduced cannot be dismissed, with 138,000 members, 6,000 bikes and 400 docking stations, the statistics are impressive.

The London bicycle hire scheme has already been rewarded by winning various transport and environmental awards and has seen a £50m investment from Barclays Bank who have put their name to the scheme.

To see how it works watch the vido above or visit the Transport for London website

The bikes themselves are sturdy and fitted with 3 gears and thick puncture-resistant tyres. As far as where ro go with your London bicycle, Transport for London provide free maps with suggested routes.

The London bicycle hire scheme provides a novel way to see London from above ground so do give it some thought on your next trip to London.

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