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Get fit for Summer in Haxby

We recently had a visit from Jo Holmes who is the owner of Xercise Gym in Haxby York. It gave us a timely reminder that many people have holidays looming and may want to get fit and look their best for the beach. If this is you, and you live in Haxby or the surrounding area ,then you need to go and visit Jo and she will get you in shape for your Summer holidays.

And for those who have had their summer holidays why not take the opportunity to make getting and staying fit a priority, then it may be easier to slip into your swimsuit next time you are ready to head off to the beach?

Whatever your reasons to get fit then a visit to Jo may just give you the motivation you need to improve your lifestyle and feel even better about your next holiday? In order to assist you Xercise are holding an open weekend on 6 and 7 September 2014 at their premises in Haxby Precinct. Everyone is welcome and you can hear some of the amazing success stories that they have had with weight loss and improved fitness enjoyed by many of their members.

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