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The 6 Most Romantic Cities in the World

Whether you like a quiet romantic getaway or you want all the bells and whistles on Valentine’s Day we have put together our list of the most romantic cities in the world. Without surprise, Italy has made the top 6 a few times but for someone looking for something different we have ventured a little further afield.

Verona, Italy

Verona is best known for the love story between Romeo and Juliette, therefore know as “the city of love.” Visit the famous site of Juliette's house and under the Capulet’s emblem on the external facade, a gate opens onto a covered space where lovers from all around the world leave their messages.

If you visit San Zeno around Valentine’s Day, you’ll stand the chance to see the famous Carnival festival in the piazza. The centrepiece of San Zeno is the beautiful 5th-century basilica with its colourful rose windows and bronze panels. Inside, there’s also a crypt that is said to be the setting for Romeo and Juliet's marriage.

New York, USA

New York has provided us with some of the best romantic films of all times so couples flock there year on year for Valentine's Day. Taking an old-fashioned carriage through Central Park is a unique way to enjoy one of America's most iconic public parks is sure to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

End a busy day sightseeing with a relaxing sunset river cruise.

Rome, Italy

As one of Rome's most iconic landmarks, visiting the Trevi Fountain on your romantic trip away has to be at the top of the list and toss a coin in for good luck.

Visit the charming and very popular Piazza Navona. Lined with rustic buildings, traditional Italian restaurants and gelaterias, there's plenty to feast your eyes on. The location makes for a delightful romantic dining spot, with music from local musicians filling the air and the quirky appeal of artists displaying their paintings.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A wealth of romantic things to see, do, and taste await you in Buenos Aires. Learn to Tango with your loved one where this sensual dance was born.  Absorb the old-world elegance of Recoleta and enjoy Paris-style townhouses, lavish former palaces and posh boutiques.

Share a kiss at the most romantic spot on the Puente de la Mujer, the Woman's Bridge, in Puerto Madero. Designed by a Spanish architect, the rotating foot bridge mimics a bird in flight or perhaps a couple dancing the tango.

Venice, Italy

Venice is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world and gondola ride through the meandering canals of the city is a must.  Tucked away behind the Rialto Fish market, Cantina Do Spade is a 600-year-old restaurant where Casanova is rumoured brought women to dine, wine and fall in love with him!

The oldest bridge across the canal, the Rialto offers spectacular views of the city. Take a stroll on the bridge and look around at the picturesque beauty. The Rialto Bridge is not only one of Venice’s romantic places, but also memorable.

Paris, France

And last but not least the fairytale beauty and romantic sights of Paris.  Take a ride on the Ballon de Paris Generali, the world's biggest air balloon. Get a unique bird's eye view of Paris and discover the capital like never before! One of the most beautiful bridges in Paris, the Pont Neuf is a sight few can ignore, especially after dusk when it's bathed in warm lantern light. Even though its name in French means "New Bridge," it's ironically the oldest in the city spanning the Seine River.

The most romantic thing to do in Paris is to propose you love under the beautiful Eiffel Tower. There is something special about the thousands of gold lights hugging the tower.

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