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Holidays Inspired by Movie Locations

Have you ever booked a holiday that has been inspired by great movie locations? Ever watched Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and thought you would love to visit the beautiful island of Kefalonia, or wanted to explore New York after watching The Ghostbuster’s when you were younger? There are so many amazing movie locations that have inspired how we choose our holiday destinations, and its only human nature to want to learn more about a place that we have become interested in because of a film. For example, millions of fans flocked to New Zealand after The Lord of The Rings trilogy became a massive hit, as that is where the movie was filmed. You can even take a tour of the various movie locations where the award winning film was made. The landscape and scenery are beautiful and well worth a trip to experience such beauty and serenity, and be a part of something special. Even the actor Orlando Bloom, who played Legolas in the movie, fell in love with the country and talks about it with fond memories – “I cherished my time filming Lord of The Rings in New Zealand – it’s the most beautiful, magical place with great hospitality. I love places that are completely cut off from everything – where I can relax and enjoy the simplicity of nature.” (Orlando Bloom, Actor)Movie Locations New Zealand

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed in the summer of 2000 on the stunning island of Kefalonia. Since the WW2 love story was released and the true beauty of the island was captured in the film, it has inspired many people to travel to Kefalonia and experience it for themselves. One of the main reasons the producers decided to film this in Kefalonia and not at cheaper locations or in studios, was simply that it was very difficult to find or create a place so beautiful and natural and at the same time still quiet enough throughout summer in order to be able to shoot the movie.

Skopelos is another holiday destination that has become increasingly popular since the movie Mamma Mia was filmed there. The top selling tour is a Skopelos island cruise on board the ‘Odyssey’ which visits many of the Mamma Mia movie locations. Some of the most beautiful areas of Skopelos where chosen to shoot the Mamma Mia movie scenes when film crews descended on Skopelos in 2007. The Skopelos holiday boat tour also takes in both Milia and Kastani beaches. Milia beach did not feature in the movie but was where breakfast meetings were held for the 230-strong crew on location. Kastani Beach, however, featured very strongly in the Mamma Mia movie. The jetty and Donna’s bar were built here for some of the movie’s best-loved moments and it’s where the Abba songs ‘Does your mother know you are out’ and ‘Lay all your love on me’ were filmed. The most popular stop on the tour is the chapel of Agios Ioannis, where you can stand on the same spot as Donna when she sings ‘The winner takes it all’ and walk up the steep steps to admire the chapel.

Movie Locations Skopelos

There are so many great movie locations that would make fantastic holiday destinations, and here at Conexo Travel we specialise in making your holiday about what you want. So if you have a favourite movie that you would like to relive in its exotic location, get in touch with us so we can make it a reality.

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