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New Spanish Driving Laws

The car hire operator Europcar is warning UK drivers heading to Spain, about new legislation which could result in speeding drivers being hit with large fines if caught by Spanish traffic police exceeding the country’s speed limits.

Drivers who exceed the speed limit in Spain by as little at 1km per hour can face fines of €407 and these can rise to £488 for more serious speeding offence, making car hire a potentially very expensive option for some.

Car Hire Europe

A new EU directive means that UK motorists can now receive penalty points on their driving licences if they commit offences in other EU countries.

Men are more likely to drive abroad with 75% of women never having driven abroad, compared to around half of men. Men are also more likely to commit motoring offences abroad so the advice from Europcar is to familiarise yourself with local driving regulations when travelling abroad. For example, a new law in France now requires drivers to carry a breathalyser kit in their vehicle at all times.

Whichever European country you drive or use car hire companies, the advice is don’t asusme they won’t prosecute you because you are a foreign driver or you could learn the hard way.

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