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Paris City Break

The capital city of France and the most romantic city in the world, Paris is a very popular choice for an unforgettable city break. Located in the north of France it is very easily accessible from the UK either by plane, ferry or the increasingly popular method of travel – the Eurostar!

Being located in Western Europe, Paris has a maritime climate with cool winters and warmer summers. Even in January, the coldest month, temperatures nearly always exceed the freezing point with an average high of 6°C (43°F). Snow is not common in Paris, although it will fall a few times a year. Most of Paris’ precipitation comes in the form of light rain year-round. Summers in Paris are warm and pleasant, with an average high of 23°C (75°F) during the mid-summer months. Spring and fall are normally cool and wet. With the weather being so pleasant in the summer, it’s a great time to visit.

There are many landmarks that make Paris so famous so be sure to visit them when you explore the city. From the top of the Eiffel Tower you can see the entire city, it is a view you will never forget. Another good vantage point for viewing the beautiful city is L’arc De Triomphe. This monument stands at the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle (also known as the “Place de l’Étoile”). It is located at the western end of the Champs-Élysées, so you take a nice stroll down this stunning street down to the Louvre Museum. There is always something to see and do in Paris, it truly is a wonderful, interesting city.

In Paris there are a wide range of shops, restaurants and bars to visit to sample the beautiful French cuisine after a long day exploring the wonderful city full of culture and history.

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