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Far East holidays offer great value as well as a kaleidoscope of images, sound, tastes and experiences, and we can help you plan your perfect Far East holiday today.

What type of Far East Holiday?

Whether you are looking to relax on a quiet beach in Thailand, experience the manic buzz of cities such as Hong Kong, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, or recharge your batteries in the spiritual surroundings of a Burmese monastery, a Far East Holiday ticks all of the boxes. Why not combine the experiences and choose a multi-centre far east holiday? There are so many different ways to visit this vast part of the world.

Why Choose a Far East Holiday?

Here are 10 reasons to enjoy a Far East holiday:

Natural Attractions – from quirky geological sites to star-quality bays used in the movies.

Quality Accommodation – luxurious five star properties to boutique hotels full of character, a far East holiday offers a massive choice of accommodation at fair and reasonable prices.

Great Value – we get the best deals for far East holidays with free nights and added extras thrown in. And once you are on your far East holiday you will discover how cheap it is to shop and eat out.

Cities – great to visit on their own or twinned with a beach holiday, cities offer great shopping, nightlife, festivals and iconic sightseeing.

Active – Trekking, jungle tours, river rafting or something a little softer, a far East holiday can offer these as well as a great range of watersports when visiting the beach.

Culture – the bustle of the cities is often relieved by the charm and friendliness of the locals, and of course the history and spiritualness of the far East can really get to visitor’s hearts in a way other destinations don’t.

Pampering – many of the spa treatments on offer around the world have their origins in the far east, so why not enjoy some of those great treatments using local products and at very reasonable prices.

Service Excellence – courtesy and attention to detail are the hallmarks of service in the Far East and with immaculate hotels provide guests with a wonderful experience.

Eating Out – one of the highlights in most Far East countries, from street food to top-notch international restaurants, embrace the food of the Far East and take the opportunity to extend your culinary experience beyond Thai and Chinese takeaway food.

Diving – home to some of the world’s best scuba diving, the far East has diverse marine life and great wrecks to explore with some superb PADI resorts.



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