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A Trip to Sineu Market

Sineu Market (pronounced sin a you) in Majorca is the oldest and the most traditional of all markets in Majorca and is situated in the centre of the island on the plains of Es Pla. The big draw is the Sineu’s Wednesday Market when the town comes alive with vendors selling everything from Mallorcan-made leather goods to vividly coloured peppers, and livestock from pigs to lambs. There are also rides and other entertainment for the children. The market does start early so becomes very towards late morning and noon.

Sineu Market is a tremendous spectacle and provides the kind of experience one would expect in a traditional Mallorcan rural town so its worth a trip there whilst your are enjoying your holidays in Majorca. To pre-book your Sineu Market day trip just follow this link. Some trips include some additional visits depending on whereabouts in Mallorca you are staying, so you may be able to include a visit to the Caves of Drach, Formentor or Porto Cristo.

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