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The wrong name on your flight ticket

What do you do if you have the wrong name on your flight ticket?

This is a thorny issue and one that we take seriously at Conexo Travel as we are aware that mistakes can be costly as airlines and tour operators can penalise mistakes and errors. It is especially important when booking on behalf of friends as it is very easy to spell names incorrectly or use a name which you know them as (such as Stephen), to later discover their passport has them as Edward Stephen!

Check passenger information

As a result we do remind people to double check names and spellings, and we use the phonetic alphabet to clarify as things are not always clear over the telephone.

Not all airlines are sympathetic to  the wrong name on your flight ticket

Some airlines are better than others – some airlines have charged a small admin fee for changing the booking information, but then some airlines have asked the consumer to rebook the flight – a lot depends on how inaccurate the passenger information is. Easyjet for instance will usually change a name if there is a small mis-spelling.

Passenger Details must be the same as on your passport

When you book a holiday or a flight you should remember that you have agreed to the tour operator or airline’s booking terms and conditions, so you are at their mercy. Be honest and explain your error but always bear in mind that the details on the booking need to match the passport of the traveller for security reasons.

Tour Operators and airlines are bound to be hesitant about changing passenger information because people or agents could sell these tickets, for a much higher price, as well as having concerns over security in the current climate.

To sum up, our advice is be clear about information you provide, double check names and if booking by telephone ask the operator to repeat the names and spellings you have provided them (they can make mistakes too!).

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