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ABTA's Travel Trends for the Year Ahead

The Association of British Travel Agents, or ABTA as you may know them, have published their annual travel report for the year ahead focusing on their predictions for the travel market in the year ahead, as well as some destinations that they believe will trend this year. Some of these destinations are firm favourites that will spring to mind as great choices for your potential holiday, whilst others on the list are real hidden gems that are well worth considering for your dream holiday. Today, the team at Conexo Travel will be looking in more detail at some of these destinations and the great holiday opportunities that they offer for you!


New Zealand


This South American gem offers travelers a rich cultural mix to enjoy, from it’s cosmopolitan Capital of Buenos Aires to it’s deep-south region of Patagonia containing glaciers and fjords. Also, Argentina lays claim to ‘the World’s best steak’  and it’s renowned wine Malbec, which can be enjoyed in all their glory. Not only does the Country have endless possibilities to explore, it also offers an excellent exchange rate against the pound and low-cost flights to take advantage of for visiting this diverse country. One of the tour operators that is attending our travel showcase specialises in South American experiences, and it is well worth attending to hear more about this growing holiday destination!

Heavily featured on David Attenborough’s recent hit TV show Blue Planet 2, this  country of 2 islands has far more to offer than just picturesque scenery. The Northern Island contains the 2 largest cities Auckland and Wellington that are exciting and vibrant, whilst the larger Southern island  is very diverse, from huge cloud-clipping mountains such as Mount Cook, to the amazing wineries of Malborough. Also in the South, the stunning combination of the Franz Josef Glacier  and the Milford Sound combine the luscious countryside of the Fjordland National Park with the Pacific island setting to create a truly unforgettable place of sheer beauty. The islands was also where a lot of the Lord of the Rings films were shot!

Germany is a huge cultural hub, combining a host of historic cities  with beautiful countryside, containing the world-renowned castles of Bavaria. The capital city of Berlin is known for it’s architectural masterpieces such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building,  while ABTA  suggests that UK travellers are branching out to other culture-rich cities including Cologne, Munich and Hamburg. There is 1 thing that Germany is famed for; It’s Christmas Markets which are continually voted some of the best in the world, and are ideal for a short break to look forward too! 

New Zealand
Brandenburg Gate

Here we have gone into 3 from ABTA’s list, however other destinations they believe will be popular this year include the continuing growth in Malta, the Caribbean paradise of St. Lucia and the resurgence of Turkey as a popular destination. The other destinations on the list are Arizona, British Columbia, Nepal, Montenegro, Sweden and Rwanda. As an Independent travel agent, we are in contact with high quality suppliers that can tailor your dream holiday for any destination, including the ones featured in this list. Feel free to get in contact with our team today with any of your travel enquiries and we will be happy to help!

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