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Why it's Best to Book Your Holiday Early

It is a question many people ask when booking their holiday – should you book it early or leave it late? Of course a lot of us will make a spontaneous decision to get away and that’s part of the fun of going on holiday, but early booking, particularly in January and February has so many advantages.
Last minute cheap deals are now a thing of the past  – rock-bottom-priced late deals used to be common in the travel industry, but the travel market today is much more fluid, with travel companies able to exercise greater flexibility with flights and accommodation, so don’t expect the same volume of last-minute bargains.
And finally – if you’ve left it late in the day to take a summer break – don’t panic! If you’re prepared to be flexible about where you go there will always be something on offer; but you may prefer to book earlier for 2018!

Cheaper prices

January and February is the traditional sales season for travel companies and it’s at this time that they put out their best deals with potential savings of hundreds of pounds.

Free child places

Many tour operators normally offer a limited number of free child places when prices are first released, but if you leave it too late to book, these are likely to run out, as they are extremely popular with families with young children.

Lots of choice

Booking early means that you have a wide range of options as to where and when to go; leaving it late may drastically reduce these options. Once tour operators release their prices for holidays, that is the time you look at booking your holiday, as there are plenty of options to choose from and you’re not restricted because you left it too late to look.

Supply and demand

Remember it’s not just British tourists who are all looking forward to their summer holiday but millions of tourists from other countries too. That puts competitive pressure on hotel rooms and flights, and there’s a limited supply of both.

Book now, pay later

If you book a package holiday for the summer you will only initially have to pay a deposit with the balance not due until 14 weeks before you depart (depending on the tour operator’s policy). This will help your finances under pressure after Christmas and give you a chance to budget effectively.

Something to look forward to

One of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to talk to a travel professional, research and book your summer holiday. The beginning of the year will be a lot more bearable when you’re counting down the days to your dream holiday.

Pre-booking flight seats

People love to know that they will be sat next to their travel companion on board their flights and the only way to ensure that happens is to pre-book your seats. Many airlines now offer the option to pre-book your seats (at a cost!) on the aircraft but it’s very much first come first served, so early bookers get priority.

Popular destinations and accommodation

Popular destinations and hotels around the world and in the UK will sell early, so to avoid disappointment, talk to us at Conexo Travel and get your dream holiday secured well in advance.

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