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Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral (Hohe Domkirche St Peter und Maria) is an iconic German landmark and has been a constant on Cologne’s skyline since 1880. Two other churches have preceded the current place of worship with the first being built in the fourth century by Maternus who was the first Christian bishop of Cologne. The second cathedral burned down in 1248 after being completed in 818.

Cologne Cathedral

In 1164 the relics of the Magi were presented to the Archbishop of Cologne by the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa and as a result it was decided that this should become the focal point of the new cathedral. The foundation of the new building was laid by Archbishop Konrad von Hochstaden and the building work continued for another 632 years.

Cologne Cathedral is famous for its twin towers situated at the western end of the building and their height makes Cologne Cathedral the largest church in Germany.

The reliquary, which contains the bones of the Magi, is a large gilded sarcophagus made in the 13th century and is decorated in gold and silver depicting episodes from the life of Christ as well  as apostles and prophets. The cathedral also retains a large amount of beautiful stained glass windows despite severed damage incurred during the Second World War.

Cologne Cathedral is a stunning building physically, but it is a vitally important as place of pilgrimage and has been for many centuries and it stands as a monument to the faith of its builders.

During the lead up to Christmas Cologne Cathedral provides the perfect backdrop to Cologne’s famous Christmas markets. One of our most popular trips to Germany is our Cologne Christmas Markets by Eurostar but we can organise Eurostar to Cologne at any time of the year.

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