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Dickens Village

Dickens Village in Cambridge Ohio

Conexo Travel Advent Blog

Day Seven

Mainly because of his novel, ‘A Christmas Carol’, Charles Dickens has become synoymous with Christmas, and he is the inspiration for the Dickens Village in Cambridge, Ohio which was created in 2006.

Today the village is open from 1 November until 2 January nd visitors are taken on a trip back to Victorian times as you stroll down the streets of historic Cambridge, Ohio. As you walk along the main street of Dickens Village, Wheeling Street, you will discover  a scene from  ‘A Christmas Carol’ or something resembling merry old England underneath each lamp post. Visit the Dickens Village here.

Every day in December the Conexo Travel blog will share a festive travel image to help get you in the Christmas mood. We call it the our Advent photo blog. Follow it every day in December.

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