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Sharmini's Inspirational Indian Cuisine

Inspirational Cookery
with Sharmini Thomas

A Taste Sensation

I have always loved cooking, and love trying new recipes from all over the world. Of course it would be great to experience real authentic South Indian cuisine surrounded by the beauty of Kerala, but Sharmini Thomas’ Award winning Kerala chicken curry is just as good. I was lucky enough to join her, along with Diane, at one of her many workshops she holds on Indian Cookery, and create her award winning dish. We also made some delicious sides of Bombay Potatoes and a lovely Lentil Spinach dahl. Sharmini even added on her amazing Mango Lassi recipe, requested by me as it is my favourite.
Learning about the wonderful spices used in Indian cookery was a real eye opener. Did you know that a teaspoon of cumin mixed with a glass of water every morning can aid with weight loss? No, me neither! I’ve been missing a trick there. As well as bringing great taste to a dish, many of the spices used have great health benefits, from helping with indigestion to relieving an upset stomach.
Not only do we learn about what each spice and herb contributes to the dish, we learn how they are grown and dried and ground to make the spices we know and use in our kitchens. It is really fascinating and a great start to the class.

All About the Spice

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Over all we were very pleased with our finished product, and that was down to Sharmini’s helping hand. You can tell she has such a passion for cooking and is such a lovely and encouraging teacher. It was lovely to sit down and try our dishes alongside those we took the class with, and the smell was amazing!
You can find out more about her great cookery classes, or just to see how far she has come with her teaching, on her website –

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