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How Safe Is Your Child on Holiday?

Who doesn’t look forward to their holiday and as the dates get closer the excitement grows doesn’t it? Sometimes this eagerness for the date to arrive and the thoughts of shopping for new clothes, packing, arranging passports and other duties can become all-consuming. It may even have affected  us when we were choosing the holiday in the first place as we sought to get the best holiday for the best price. But there are some unseen pitfalls to losing our grip on the bigger issues.

If you have children, two of the most worrying things to consider are swimming pool safety and hotel or apartment balconies.

One of the duties of a tour operator is to ensure the health and safety of their customers and as part of this they will check the height of balconies meets UK standards, this is something that you have no guarantee of if you book directly with an accommodation provider. And remember, it it the laws of their country which apply and not UK laws. So if you find a hotel and you are struggling to find a travel company in the UK to book it with, ask yourself the question, is this hotel, villa or apartment safe?

Also, there are precautions you can take. Make sure children are not left unsupervised on balconies, and there is no furniture which they can climb on close to balcony edge or railings. Look out for small gaps that children cn potentially try to get through, and make sure that you can open the balcony door from the outside so that you do not become marooned outside.

ABTA has produced a guide to balcony safety with children, click the link below for this.


ABTA has also produced guides about swim safety including the one below. This goes beyond children really because ABTA advise that one in five people knows somebody who has got into difficulty whilst swimming on holiday. Watch the video below and for more information visit ABTA’s swimming portal at ABTA Swim Safe Hub


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