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Plane Passes Over People's Heads on Caribbean Beach

Maho Beach on the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten has become famous globally not merely because it is an idyllic Caribbean beach, but more due to its location at the end of the island’s airport runway. Pictures such as the one below can sometimes be misinterpreted or even be the result of photo-shopping. But watch the video further below and you will see for yourself the inherent dangers and risks taken by people watching these aircraft land and take off from St Maarten airport in the Caribbean.

Recently, The Daily Mail published an article which demonstrated the lengths people will go to experience such close encounters with these aircraft, and it is breathtaking just how close they do get! Read the article here – Maho Beach, St. Maarten.

The island of St. Maarten was discovered by Christopher Columbus but he never landed there. Instead it was coveted by the French and The Dutch and to this day the island is split between these two country’s influence. To the north is the French part of the island known as Saint-Martin (60%) and to the south is the Dutch controlled Sint Maarten. The island’s international airport is Princess Juliana International Airport, and at the end of the airport’s runway is the famous Maho Beach featured in the video and the images. The airport can be found to the west of the main body of land.

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