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Puglia, Italy’s Underrated Region


Southern Italy has been a region of Italy which has been relatively unexplored by UK travellers. Last week David and Diane headed off to explore this beautiful part of the country, staying in the town of  Monopoli which is in Puglia, the heel of Italy’s “boot”.
If you want to find a holiday resort in Italy which still feels like a real Italian town, then Monopoli might just be what you are looking for.
It’s a walled city with a stunning historic centre filled with little alleyways, great places to eat and charming friendly people; throw in some great beaches and it is the perfect recipe for a great Italian getaway.
Visit Monopoli
Night Alleys Monopoli
Monopoli has many small beaches spread along a long stretch of it’s coast. Some are public and very popular with locals and visitors alike, and others are privately owned and run (which charge a daily fee which will generally include your sunbeds and umbrella.). So, on the recommendation of a local lady, we headed off to Marza Beach which is a 40 minute walk from Monopli centre but well worth it!
If you drive, there is a large car park available next to the beach bar, and changing facilities. There are lots of sunbeds with umbrellas scattered around the beautifully maintained grounds, and all have easy access to the small but immaculate sandy beach. Swimming here is a joy with clear water and natural protection from the open sea. We had lunch in the beach bar which was really good and the place is smart, modern and very clean.
Marza Beach Monopoli
Trulli Houses Puglia

In the afternoon we headed off to Alberobello which is around a 30 minute drive from Monopoli and a little longer by public transport.
Alberobello is famous for the Trulli houses in the pictures we have uploaded. It is a Unesco World Heritage site and is a unique attraction due to the style of houses which are unique to Puglia. It’s a great little place to spend an afternoon and should be on every itinerary to Puglia.
Later in the week, on the recommendation of our driver, we headed off to Ostuni which is known as the “White City”. So called due to the large number of whitewashed buildings, Ostuni is a hilltop city and one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. Viewed from a distance Ostuni is stunning and as you wander to its peak you will be equally stunned by the magnificent vista stretching across the beautiful landscape and over to the Adriatic.
A holiday in Puglia is a great opportunity to see a very underrated region of Italy and our trip could have easily been extended to include Lecce, Bari and even Vieste. Do get in touch with us to find out more about Puglia and we can arrange a wonderful trip to this sparkling destination.
Puglia White City

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