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Rio de Janeiro – city of sport

2016 sees the Olympic Games head south to Brazil after Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the event for the first time.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil has always had a famous association with football, and in 2016 they hosted the FIFA World Cup with the final being played in Rio’s Maracana Stadium, so this year will see the Olympics take centre stage in this sport mad country.

Situated on Brazil’s western coast, Rio is Brazil’s largest city but not the capital, this accolade falls to the city of Brasilia. It is divided into a number of districts, the Centro (centre), the more wealthier Zona Sul (South Zone) which is the favoured destination of tourists, the North Zone which is more residential and poorer than Zona Sul and then there are some other barrios (neighbourhoods) to the west of Rio.

Photo credit: Dimitry B via / CC BY

Rio de Janeiro and Brazil are fascinating places to visit and we would suggest an organised tour will allow you to really get the most from your time. We have a number of options but our favoured tour is the Rio, Iguassu Falls and Panatanal which begins in Rio de Janeiro starting at the iconic Copacana Beach. Other highlights include a rainforest jeep tour, a visit to Corcavado Mountain and the Christ the Redeemer statue, a cable car to Sugarloaf Mountain and a visit to both the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side of the Iguassu Falls – truly stunning and you will be awe struck by their sheer majesty.

Photo credit: Nouhailler via / CC BY-SA

The tour then heads off to Panatanal. This region of Brazil is vastly underestimated and whilst the Amazon gets the publicity its the Panatanal which is the better destination to see the amazing wildlife of Brazil. You will stay in a rainforest lodge and have the opportunity to glide through the rainforest on a canoe. You will spend time seeking the elusive Jaguar and the giant Anteater as well as keeping an eye out for Caimans and Anacondas.

Photo credit: Raphael Milani via / CC BY

So if you want to spend time taking in the sights and sounds of Rio de Janeiro, spend some time on a white sandy beach, see the amazing Iguassu Falls and experience a Brazilian rainforest first hand then this is the tour for you.


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