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RV Motorhome

If you weren’t able to make it to Haxby Memorial Hall last Friday (15 April 2016) then we bring another opportunity for you to see what you missed, as we were delighted to host Andrew from Travelpack who brought a fantastic RV Motorhome to Haxby.


The event was a great success and together with our friends at Vale Radio we were so pleased to have the opportunity to let people step aboard and see for themselves the room and high quality motorhomes which you can discover the USA and Canada in comfort with.

The event was also an outside broadcast with Vale Radio whose very own Dougie Weake recorded his afternoon show for the event. Dougie spoke to David from Conexo Travel and Andrew from Travelpack as well as recording the short video above, as he took listeners round the RV describing the facilities from the 2 double beds, the dining area which converts into a bed, kitchen area with cooking and microwave facilities and a large refrigerator, and the shower and bathroom situated to the rear of the vehicle. And don’t forget about the air-conditioning!

RV MotorhomeOf course the reason for hiring one of these RV Motorhomes is to see the land you are visiting. And because USA and Canada are such vast countries they provide the perfect mode of transport to see these wonderful countries.

RV Motorhome

With an RV Motorhome there is no packing and unpacking every day, no check-in check-out and meal times are chosen by you. This gives you the freedom to holiday just how you want to.

RV Motorhome in Haxby

But where should you go? The options are endless in North America and whilst we have loads of preset itineraries you can still design your own itinerary. We can help you plan it and will arrange stops for you on sites which have been pre-inspected and are safe and secure, usually in a gated community. Click on the link below to see offers from £699pp for 9 nights in the USA including flights!

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