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Ryanair – The Mario Balotelli of Airlines?

During a football game involving Manchester City recently, Mario Balotelli, City’s temperamental striker, lifted his shirt to reveal a vest bearing the slogan “why always me”?

I was reminded of this when I read an article on Travelmole which described how the UK Court of Appeal had thrown out an appeal by Ryanair into its stake in Aer Lingus. It always seems to be Ryanair in the news doing battle with a court in this country, Ireland or Europe and it is always Ryanair that bleats loudest whenever it feels the victim of some injustice (quite often!). A bit like Mario Balotelli really. He regularly gets into scrapes and then claims he is misunderstood.

Perhaps Ryanair should just get on with accepting the laws and regulations in the countries in which it wishes to operate, and just play the game!

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