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San Gines Chocolateria

The San Gines Chocolateria is Madrid’s iconic destination for one of the city’s best loved food treats – hot chocolate and churros. Centrally located in Madrid close to Puerta de Sol, one of the main squares in Madrid, San Gines Chocolateria has been an institution in Madrid since it opened it’s doors in 1894.

Why Is San Gines Chocolateria So Popular?

San Gines ChocolateriaPhoto Credit: Biker Jun via Compfight cc

As we already mentioned, hot chocolate and churros is a massive favourite with the Spanish population and with Madrilenos in particular. San Gines Chocolateria has been serving customers for such a long time and they really do serve the best in Madrid. When I visited and took a tour of Madrid with Ogo Tours I asked which was the best place in Madrid for hot chocolate and churros, our guide answered immediately San Gines and then pointed it out for us, it’s right in the heart of Madrid so there is no excuse not to pay a visit. We later returned and tried it for ourselves and loved the experience.

Another reason for San Gines’ popularity are it’s opening hours – 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year! It’s a popular spot with late night party goers who gather in the basement booths to discuss the evening’s proceedings.

Celebrities also head for their fix of churros con chocolate and the walls of the restaurant are adorned with pictures of many celebrities paying their visit to San Gines Chocolateria.

So What Is Churros con Chocolate?

Literally it is Churros with chocolate. Churros are long and thin crispy fried dough which are served with a cup of thick and sweet hot dark chocolate. Spaniards love dipping these elongated dough sticks in the thick hot chocolate sauce. It’s particularly popular in the morning at breakfast time.

So make sure you include a visit to San Gines Chocolateria during your city break in Madrid – you will not be disappointed.

Address – Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5
28013 Madrid 

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(2) Comments

  1. Aneela

    The best churros and hot choaolcte are from a little bar down the road from my apartment, in Sevilla. They serve fresh hot porras (churros but thicker, and served in a spiral), and they are soooo addictive!

    1. David Carruthers

      Annela, what is the name of the bar which you told us about in Sevilla which serves such good Porras (Churros)?

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