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How To Save 2 Hours in US Immigration

You’ve all seen the queues or heard about them; you arrive after a long flight to the United States and are often faved with a two hour wait to pass through immigration. I can vouch for this having spent 2 and a half hours clearing immigration in Chicago just last month.
So how can you go about saving over 2 hours off your travel time to America? It’s easy, by flying via Dublin to the USA, you can do your US Pre-Clearance at Dublin Airport, leaving you free to walk straight out of the airport upon arrival in your destination city. With so many travellers citing security, and time spent queuing in airports as a disincentive to fly, then this clever iniative is sure to make flying to America so much simpler.
The video which follows will demonstrate the ease of performing US Pre-Clearance at Dublin Airport – you just can’t go wrong.

To find out more about US Pre-clearance at Dublin Airpot or to find out more about travelling to the USA get in touch with one of our consultants today.

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