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The Hotel Manuela in Bitez

We are always adding new hotels to the Conexo Travel website and we like to bring your attention to them as we do so. A hotel that we now feature in the Turkish resort of Bitez is the Hotel Manuela Bitez which we have received some excellent feedback on.

The location of the Hotel Manuela is second to none in Bitez, facing a wonderful beach and close to all of Bitez resort and attractions.

Tripadvisor also has many satisfied clients who wax lyrical about the Hotel Manuela with a common theme being that it is a stylish hotel with wonderful welcoming staff – read the Tripadvisor Hotel Manuela reviews here.

Finally, its worth pointing out that resort of Bitez lies about 40km from Bodrum airport so there are no lengthy transfers to Bitez from Bodrum airport to endure. And remember, Conexo Travel can organise the fastest and most comfortable transfer from Bodrum to Bitez at the best price.

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