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The Most Inspiring Movie Locations In The World!

The Most Inspiring Filming Locations In The World!

New York
New York has played host to hundreds of Movies over the years.
However some classic scenes include the Snowball Fight from Elf, filmed within snow-covered Central Park, and the infamous ‘faking it’ scene from When Harry Met Sally which is filmed in the brilliant Katz Deli; Who can forget those 2 brilliant scenes!
If you ever visit New York, check the lamposts as often there is information about street closures due to filming! We stumbled upon one Film and one TV show being filmed whilst we were there last Summer!
London has so many iconic locations that are used for filming, but some of the most popular include Piccadilly Circus, the Thames Southbank and the London Underground!
The Thames Soutbank is featured in many movies due to it’s many iconic features including the MI5 building in most James Bond Movies, Westminster Bridge from the opening of 28 days later and the Millennium Bridge in Guardians Of The Galaxy.
Meanwhile, Piccadilly Circus is in lots of films to place characters in London, often in conjunction with black cabs and red buses!
Another stunning filming location is one of Croatia’s largest and history-filled cities; Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik was propelled to fame by the very popular TV show Game Of Thrones, as it has been used for numerous different locations within the show.
These include the stunning Bay of Dubrovnik & the Adriatic Sea hosting the battle of the Blackwater, The Red Keep of Kings Landing in fact being the Lovrijenic Fortress and the ‘Walk Of Shame’ rambling throughout the narrow streets of the Old Town.
I wonder which locations you would recognise!?

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New Zealand
Los Angeles
Iceland is especially popular for films needing, you guessed it, vast arrays of mesmerizing ice, snow and lakes intertwined to create an awe-inspiring winter landscape.
Once again, Game Of Thrones used Iceland regularly for any scenes shot ‘beyond the wall’, however other blockbusters have also used the stunning landscape to add to their films.
These include  Batman’s training with The League Of Shadows in Batman Begins, and the Dettifoss Waterfall creating an eiree inhabitance for the aliens in Prometheus.
With all of it’s natural beauty, you can see why Iceland is a popular choice!
The sprawling hills and lush greenery of New Zealand are best know for the backdrop of one movie trilogy in particular; Lord Of The Rings.
The film was almost solely shot across the country itself, often within the many beautiful National Parks New Zealand has to offer.
Matamata is home to The Shire and Hobbiton, Wellington’s Kaitoke Regional Park formed the set for the Elves home of Rivendell, and Milford Sound in Fiordland representing the river Anduin and the entrance to Gondor.
There’s too many to stunning locations to  explore!
Finally, Los Angeles’s varying scenery, from the towering Hollywood Hills, to the ultra-famous Venice Beach and the grandeur of Beverly Hills Boulevard has set the scene to many a classic film throughout the decades.
Firstly, the shops of Beverly Hills are the location for one Pretty Woman’s best scenes where Vivian is rejected by the shop owners; Only to return with Edward in tow to get treated like a princess, and visiting the first shop with all of her purchases leaving the staff red faced.
Another popular scene set in Los Angeles is the opening from White Men Can’t Jump, which is set in the hustle and bustle  beachfront basketball courts which line Venice Beach!

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