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Tweet Pictures of Your Airport Queue

Are you intending to have a holiday in the USA this year? If so you should be aware that immigration queues have become longer in 2016 and a trade body which represents the interests of US Airlines has asked for help from passengers facing lengthy waits to get into the States.

USA Pre-clearance Dublin

The group, Airlines for America, have launched a website and are encouraging travellers to post their pictures and feed back their experiences to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Passengers are also being encouraged to post to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #iHateTheWait.

According to their website “Wait times for TSA have gotten too long. Send the TSA a photo of the long line you are waiting in.” A spokeswoman added that the intention of the campaign is to  ‘raise awareness of the issue and serve as crowd-sourced information,’

The idea is to ‘raise awareness of the issue and serve as crowd-sourced information,’ said a spokeswoman.

Queuing times at many US airports have exceeded 90 minutes and the fear is that this could increase once we are into the busy summer period.

The situation has deterioted over the last three years due to the number of screeners being reduced by 10%. The (TSA) is at the same time increasing staffing at security checkpoints and boosting the number of bomb-sniffing dogs.

One solution to this problem would be to utilise the great service offered by Aer Lingus when flying from Dublin or Shannon in the Irish Republic. This presence of US immigration officers at these Irish airports means that if you’re flying to the U.S., you can clear not only U.S. immigration, but also full U.S. customs and agriculture controls, in the Republic of Ireland. As a result, on arrival in the USA you just grab your luggage and your on your way just like a local – no need for queuing at immigration for 90 minutes or more. And the bonus? The cost of the flights is often cheaper. Contact Conexo Travel for more information.

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