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Woman Hides Baby in Hand Luggage

Passengers on board a flight between Istanbul Ataturk and Paris Charles de Gaulle were said to be “very shocked” at the discovery that one of their fellow passengers was found to be carrying a small child in her hand luggage.

The child, believed to be aged around 1 or 2 years of age, was found after another passenger on the flight noticed something moving inside a cloth bag belonging to the woman passenger midway through flight (number AF1891) last Monday (7 March 2016). After being alerted by the passenger, aircrew moved the woman and child to the front of the aircraft and they were met upon arrival at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport by the French authorities. One eye-witness, Vincent, said he thought the woman had appeared to want to open the bag and it was then that it was realised something was moving inside the bag.

Aircrew informed passengers that the child was unharmed. The airline, Air France, later confirmed that a woman had been travelling with a child without a ticket, and the appropriate French authorities are still investigating the circumstances. They were unable to shed any light as to the reasons for what is in effect a stowaway

Further details on Planet.Fr

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