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York's Snowy Shambles

There could be a winter wonderland in York’s favorite street this Christmas – regardless of the weather. In an effort to bring some festive cheer this year, Shambles Area Traders’ Association is hoping to fund raise money to buy artificial snow machines. They are hoping to make the Shambles, one of the oldest streets in York, like a scene from the perfect Christmas card. It will certainly add some Christmas spirit to the busy Christmas shoppers.
The association hopes to encourage late night shopping in Shambles and plans to use the machines between 4-8pm every Thursday from November 16.  Phil Pinder, chairman of the Shambles Area Traders’ Association and owner of Cuffs&Co on Shambles, said: “We spoke to other people on the street and everybody thought it would be a great idea.
“Shambles is everyone’s favourite street and we want to make it really special this year. York does not really do late night shopping, we hope this will help boost the many independent businesses.”
Organisers are looking to buy a number of machines to create a wintery, snowy atmosphere. Due to the narrow width of Shambles, they say it should be reasonably easy to create snow for a unique winter wonderland. Once thye have raised enough funds, the association plans to host an opening street party with performances, live music and a winter atmosphere. The only things left to do is buy the equipment and have the big switch on.
Shambles was voted Britain’s most picturesque street in the Google Street View awards in 2010. Now shop owners are hoping to make it even more beautiful by adding snow and increasing trading hours.
The Shambles Area Traders’ Association meets regularly, to focus on making the street work for the benefit of traders. Recent projects that are close to fruition include new street lighting and a Shambles website!

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