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Where Do The World's Best Chefs Eat?

After reading this article in the Guardian I felt compelled to share with our followers.

Celebrity chefs regularly grace our television screens (maybe a little too much with repeats etc), but where do these celebrity chefs get their inspiration and who cooks for them? This excellent article introduces a number of modestly priced eateries recommended by top chefs including Mauro Colagreco (Mirazu restaurant), Craig Stoll (the owner of four Italian restaurants in San Francisco), Albert Adria (owner of Tickets in Barcelona), Fergus Henderson (St. John’s Bar & Restaurant, London) and the Dutch chef Jonnie Boer amongst others.

This culinary piece is an excellent read if you are off on a city break in 2013, and it has recommendations in Nice, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Istanbul, San Sebastian, Paris and Rome.

Read the full article here

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