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Christmas in Prague

I have just recently returned from a trip to Prague in the Czech Republic, and what a wonderful city it was! Not only is it highly historic and picturesque, the city was in full festive spirit; More than any other place I have ever seen, with something for Christmas around every corner! I could go on and on about the number of good parts the city has to offer, however I have chosen some of my best highlights for you!

Christmas Markets

My favorite part about Prague at Christmas was the wonderful array of Christmas Markets that the city had to offer. From scrumptious barbecued food and warm festive punch, to the regular carol signing and donkey feeding you could wish the hours away exploring what the markets had to offer! Not only were the markets themselves great, but they were placed in spectacular locations such as in the Historic Old Town Square, or being overlooked by the Impressive Charles Bridge which added that little bit extra to the feel of the market.

Charles Bridge

Being one of the most famous historic attractions in Prague, the Charles Bridge did not disappoint! The Bridge is a 500 meter long, pedestrian-only bridge that crosses the Vltava river that offers historic statues lining the bridge as well as stunning views down the river and up to Prague Castle which overlooks the bridge. What made the Bridge even more picturesque was the winter snow falling as you strolled from one end to the other, illuminated by the medieval lights that line the bridge at night. It is also where scenes from Mission Impossible were filmed!

Prague Castle

The Crown Jewel of Prague, Prague Castle sits high up overlooking the city beneath it. The castle is a large complex that spans a hillside, containing a range of palaces, churches in a baroque architecture style, and is the official residence of the current Czech president. The walk from the Charles Bridge up to the castle may be a touch tiring, but it is well worth it for not only the grandeur of the castle itself, but for the magnificent views it offers over the city of Prague and the Vltava river.

'Tredlnik' Pastries
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The View

I would recommend a visit to Prague to anyone, it is a wonderful city with rich history and culture for you to explore and enjoy at any time of the year!

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