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St. Nicholas Fair

Alongside the array of festive attractions in York city center is St. Nicholas Christmas fair, which is York’s very own Christmas market situated along parliament street. Here you can stroll through the wide array of festive stalls the market has too offer, all set under the streets bright Christmas lights. The market has a huge offering of festive fare, including traditional decorations and trinkets, hand-crafted toys and original Christmas clothing and accessories set in Scandinavian-style chalets adorned with twinkling lights. Once you have explored the shopping that the market has to offer, the food & drink possibilities that the market has to offer will excite. Not only does the market offer the festive favourites of spiced mulled wine and traditional sweets, but also brings local flavour through Thor’s Tipi, where you can enjoy a hot chocolate or even something stronger around an open fire inside the cosy Tipi setting, whilst the Shambles Kitchen stall offers it’s renowned savory favourites such as pulled pork sandwiches.
The fair is open until 6PM on weekdays and 8PM on weekends, and runs until the 22nd of December so get there whilst you can and you will not be disappointed!

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